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Bring The Perfect Hostess Gift to Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, we look forward to spending time with friends and family. If you’re an invited guest, rather than the host or hostess, this year, count yourself lucky! But be sure your don’t show up empty-handed. A thoughtful hostess gift is not just appropriate, it’s also an important part of being a good guest. But what’s the right thing to bring?

The gift-giving experts at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts are ready to help with gifts your hostess will love, no matter what kind of Thanksgiving celebration you’ll be attending this year. Take a look at some of these traditional and not-so-traditional gifts that will make your hostess happy she invited you.

Why Bring a Gift At All?

A hostess gift is an excellent token of appreciation. Not only did your hosts bother to invite you, they also went to all the effort of creating a fabulous Thanksgiving Day spread, which is no easy task. From planning and prepping food, to the expense involved and the cleanup afterwards, your hostess deserves an award- the least you can do is show up with a gift that says you appreciate all she’s done.

What to Bring Your Hostess for Friendsgiving

wine glass on thanksgiving table

Wine Glasses or Thanksgiving Wine

This is a fun new twist that often looks a lot like a traditional Thanksgiving, with a few significant twists. First, it’s often held on one of the weekends leading up to Thanksgiving, so as not to compete with Thanksgiving Day and everyone’s family plans. Plus, instead of being surrounded by relatives, Friendsgiving usually includes some of your closest pals, neighbors or co-workers. This is your tribe, so make sure your hostess knows you’re here to help make the day a success. Here’s what you can bring to help:

  • Side Dishes: The hostess is invariably the person responsible for the turkey and gravy, since transporting such a dish is simple not an option. Therefore, plan to bring a side dish that everyone will love. If everyone is doing so, be sure to consider your vegan and gluten-free pals as you plan your dish.
  • Ice and Drinks: There is no such thing as too much ice or too many drinks. Bring a cooler full of ice, and maybe throw a six-pack or a bottle of wine in, too.
  • Leftover Containers: Clean up will be a snap when you provide you hostess with extra plastic containers and lids. Whether she’s sending leftovers home or finding room in her own fridge, extra containers will be very helpful.

What to Bring to your In-Laws for Thanksgiving

red and green florals in white vase

Harvest Pumpkin Bouquet

If your holiday includes time spent at your in-laws’ home, be sure to bring something that will impress them and show them you’re glad to be there. Here are some improvements on classic favorites:

Keepsake Flowers: A beautiful floral arrangement is always a hit. When the flowers arrive in a ceramic pumpkin, like our gorgeous Harvest Pumpkin bouquet, they’ll love the pumpkin they get to keep even more.

High-end Sherry or Wine: A delicious dessert wine or sherry will be a great pairing with all the yummy desserts on display. If your hosts already have enough drinks, they can save the bottle and enjoy it themselves another time.

Personalized Coasters: Monogrammed or engraved stone or wooden coasters that match their home are a lovely hostess gift that can be used right away if desired.

What to Bring to your Traditional Thanksgiving

blue red orange flowers in ring of greenery

Festive Fall Centerpiece

When Thanksgiving plans bring you back to your own family, and your plans include the same scene as usual, enjoy the comfort of routine but use your hostess gift as an opportunity to make new memories together. Find new ways to make your hostess feel special and appreciated.

  • Fresh Centerpiece: A lovely fall floral design like our Festive Fall Centerpiece will be a delightful addition to your host’s home or table. Let them know you love their style when you choose something that matches.
  • Group Games: Add some fun to the mix and create lasting memories when you bring a family-friendly game everyone can enjoy. Learn new things about each other and have some laughs. Your hostess will be grateful for some help entertaining the crowd and you’ll have as much fun as everyone else.
  • Breakfast Treats: The last thing your hostess wants to think about the morning after Thanksgiving is more cooking. Bring muffins or a homemade breakfast casserole that can be served easily so the next morning is relaxing.

Regardless of what kind of Thanksgiving you attend this year, be sure your hostess knows you’re grateful for the invitation as well as the hard work they did to make the day so wonderful. Give something thoughtful and even helpful, and be ready to get invited back next year, too! For more great gift ideas on Thanksgiving or any occasion, talk to the design professionals at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts. We’ll help you find something you’ll love to give and your hostess will be delighted to receive.