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Celebrate Fall With Festive Mums

The fall months are a beautiful time for festive holiday designs, and nothing cultivates a beautiful fall holiday display better than chrysanthemums. Full of life and color, these amazing blooms showcase the autumn season for which they’re known beautifully. Mums are available in a plethora of varieties, including spiky spider mums and soft, round pompons. Choose your favorite variety in a color that matches your home’s decor, or your fall display, for a fresh autumn look all your own. Mums are also great to send to friends and family throughout the Rochester area as a festive, warm welcome to the fall season. Take a look at the many varieties and colors the floral designers at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts are featuring for fall. Read More about Celebrate Fall With Festive Mums »
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Find and Send A Unique Treasure

They say that when it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts. At Kittelberger Florist & Gifts, we want to go beyond just thinking about beautiful gifts. Complement any floral piece beautifully when you choose to add-on a gift with any floral bouquet or arrangement. Or, simply let each gift stand alone. Find and send a unique treasure and showcase your relationship and your affection for your recipient. Give them a token of your love and appreciation. Whatever you need is found at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts. Read More about Find and Send A Unique Treasure »
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Treat Yourself To A Mini Vacay With Flowers

Going somewhere this summer? Kittelberger Florist sure hopes so. There's nothing like a fun trek across the country or a tour of our nation's most stunning natural landscapes. Maybe you're having a major adventure abroad or planning a relaxing vacay in the tropics, where the nights are balmy and the air is full of mystery. There's nothing quite like the travel bug we catch every summer, which inspires us to experience new and varied destinations and cultures. But even if you aren't going anywhere this season, you can evoke a worldly, even exotic feeling in your own home through the right flowers. Read More about Treat Yourself To A Mini Vacay With Flowers »
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Sweet Flowers For Your Bestie

Grab your besties and get ready to spend the day celebrating each other---June 8 is National Best Friend's Day. Kittelberger Florist sees this as a unique opportunity to fete your friends with flowers, which speak a rich language all their own. Beautiful and symbolic, flowers have the capacity to convey a lot about the nature of our feelings to the recipient. When the relationship we're honoring is as meaningful as a best friendship, there's nothing better than flowers for speaking directly to what's in our hearts. Read More about Sweet Flowers For Your Bestie »
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Increasing Desktop Awareness, One Flower & Plant At A Time

After a long winter (which doesn't seem quite over yet), we here at Kittelberger Florist want to call attention to the state of our work place surfaces, including, but not limited to: personal desks, conference and meeting tables, reception areas and cubicles. If yours are cluttered, dismal or just totally bereft, it's time for a whole-office refresh. Since we spend almost as much time in our work zones as in our homes, it's important for us to consider how our desks can be organized for efficiency and comfort. We can easily revive them with plants and flowers, and the time to do so is now, just ahead of Administrative Professionals Day on April 25. Read More about Increasing Desktop Awareness, One Flower & Plant At A Time »
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