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The Best Plant-Inspired Names for Your Growing Family

Getting named is a sacred rite of passage that everyone goes through at least once in their lifetime. Many people also get to be on the other side of the exchange, notably when giving a name to a child or beloved pet. This process allows the giver to select a moniker that perfectly embodies the person or animal receiving it. Of course, it’s vital that those doing the naming meditate on who the individual or pet is or will be, what qualities and traits they want to define them, and what symbolism the selection they make carries with it. Naturally, choosing a name connected to botanical themes is a wonderful way to endow the beauty of nature into the moniker. To that end, we here at Kittelberger’s Florist in Webster, New York have compiled a list of unique and beautiful baby and pet names, which you can use as first or middle options. No matter which one you choose, whether it’s pretty or different, you’ll be sure to bless the recipient for years to come.

Classic Masculine Baby Names

Are you looking for a classic and old-school nature name for your baby boy? Consider William, a mighty English moniker associated with the Sweet William flower; it’s a timeless and regal option that has been fashionable for centuries. Or you can go with Christopher, a traditional English name with Greek origins, which is also a masculine spin on the chrysanthemum flower. Julian, with a connection to the Julian Lily, is another charming option with Greek/Latin roots that is perennially popular. These names connect your child or pet to the beauty of nature without sacrificing any classic edge — a perfect balance.

Traditional Feminine Baby Names

If you’re having a baby girl or are naming a four-legged friend of the female persuasion, ample traditional options are as beautiful as they are tried and true. Of course, there’s Rose or Rosie — or any of the many variations of this pretty global moniker — which calls to mind the most classic flower of them all. The same is true for Lily, an English name that also carries with it connotations of innocence — perfect for precious new life. Or, if you’re seeking a British option, there’s Holly, a moniker that’s associated with the shrub of the same name. We also love that this fan favorite was made famous in a film we adore, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Modern Masculine Baby Names

While classic male options are great for both first and middle names, some folks may want a more modern choice for their new baby or pet. In this category, Heath is a unique moniker linked to nature via the lush heather flower. One can’t help but remember the great actor Heath Ledger as well, a true talent with a storied legacy. Another possibility is Jasper, a Persian name that means “treasurer.” It also conjures images of the Jasper flower, a type of primrose. Then Linden is a bold English moniker for those who want something different, associated with the Linden tree and its flowers. These breezy names have a contemporary energy with an inherently masculine spirit.

Unique Feminine Baby Names

On the hunt for a one-of-a-kind botanical name with floral and feminine associations? With its gentle and graceful sound, Willow is an Old English name reminiscent of the long, flexible branches of the willow tree swaying in the wind. Poppy is another standout choice, a Latin moniker evocative of the vibrant and colorful flower blooming in a field. And Iris, an elegant and sophisticated Greek name meaning “rainbow,” calls to mind the intricate and delicate petals of the iris. These options are as unique and lovely as the flowers they represent and will ensure your little one stands out from the crowd like a rare bloom in a sea of green.

Fun Unisex Baby Names

While we love leaning into distinctly masculine or feminine monikers, we’re also big fans of fun gender-neutral names with botanical associations. For example, the Irish name Rowan is inspired by the rowan tree, with its small red berries and white flowers that bloom in the spring. Aster is another unique choice, with a celestial feel and Greek origins. It is also inspired by the star-shaped aster flower. And then there’s Fox, a catchy and different Old English option associated with the cascading and trumpet-shaped blooms of the foxglove. Of course, Fox also calls to mind the cute animal of the same name. How fun is that?

At Kittelberger’s Florist in Webster, New York we believe that selecting a name for a new addition to the family is an essential and cherished task. Choosing a botanical option is an excellent way to give your child or pet a beautiful and meaningful name. Whether you prefer classic or modern, traditional or unique, masculine or feminine, our list includes options for every taste, with connections to a variety of flowers and plants.