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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on July 2, 2018 | Last Updated: June 22, 2021 Flowers Uncategorized

Treat Yourself To A Mini Vacay With Flowers

Going somewhere this summer? Kittelberger Florist sure hopes so. There’s nothing like a fun trek across the country or a tour of our nation’s most stunning natural landscapes. Maybe you’re having a major adventure abroad or planning a relaxing vacay in the tropics, where the nights are balmy and the air is full of mystery. There’s nothing quite like the travel bug we catch every summer, which inspires us to experience new and varied destinations and cultures. But even if you aren’t going anywhere this season, you can evoke a worldly, even exotic feeling in your own home through the right flowers.

A piece likeĀ Tropical Breeze is essentially just waiting for its summer debut on your table. Gathered here in this arresting design we have anthurium, protea, orchid and who could forget you, Bird of Paradise? All of it arises from a bed of dark, glossy leaves carrying their own moody intrigue. The shape of this alone makes a statement, adding tons of character and a cultured-yet-carefree vibe to your space.

The gorgeous textured glass cube vase lends a lot of sophistication to this luxe design, which will satisfy your yearning for a tropical vacation, even if it’s one you take from your couch.