The Perfect Earth Day Flowers

Earth Day is orbiting back around again this April 22, and our community is offering dozens and dozens of ways to participate, from expos designed for the kids to green projects, parades and runs. No doubt many of us will find our way to recycling drives and clean-ups, too, and if we’re truly lucky, we’ll be outside in nature, celebrating our great planet with friends and family. Indeed, we’ll be joined by millions of other celebrants worldwide. Earth Day is a truly global event. Kittelberger Florist & Gifts looks forward to any day that promotes environmental awareness and reminds us to be good stewards of our beautiful planet.

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Increasing Desktop Awareness, One Flower & Plant At A Time

After a long winter (which doesn’t seem quite over yet), we here at Kittelberger Florist want to call attention to the state of our work place surfaces, including, but not limited to: personal desks, conference and meeting tables, reception areas and cubicles. If yours are cluttered, dismal or just totally bereft, it’s time for a whole-office refresh. Since we spend almost as much time in our work zones as in our homes, it’s important for us to consider how our desks can be organized for efficiency and comfort. We can easily revive them with plants and flowers, and the time to do so is now, just ahead of Administrative Professionals Day on April 25.

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Newly Engaged? Here’s how to start planning


Congratulations, you are engaged!
Now….. Welcome to the exciting, fast paced, sometimes confusing world of wedding planning. At Kittelbergers our Wedding and Events Designers have helped hundreds of brides make their weddings distinctive and unforgettable. Combined with their creativity and expertise with all things floral, through their years of experience our wedding coordinators have gained an extensive understanding of the wedding planning process. Advice from professionals who work with a wide variety of vendors can be a valuable resource.

How to start:
-Develop a preliminary guest list
-Set up a budget, but prepare to be flexible with some items. Give some thought to the type of reception you would like, since this is the biggest part of the budget.

-Give thought to theme you want for your wedding. The season that your wedding is scheduled for is  important as it will affect the cost of your preferred flowers.

-Select your favored ceremony location. We have been lucky to work at amazing venues, indoor and outdoor, such as Colgate Divinity, where both ceremony and reception can take place.

Bride and bridesmaids at Colgate Divinity, Rochester NY

Beautiful bride and bridesmaids at Colgate Divinity, Rochester NY

Colgate Divinity Chapel Rochester, NY

Colgate Divinity Chapel Rochester, NY

Table at Colgate Dvinity in Rochester, NY

Table at Colgate Dvinity in Rochester, NY

-Visit and select reception venues

Tent Reception at Oak Hill Country Club

Tent Reception at Oak Hill Country Club

This stunning wedding reception took place at Oak Hill Country Club, what a beautiful setting for an event!

Bridal Party at Oak Hill Country Club

Bridal Party at Oak Hill Country Club

-Start making decisions regarding your Bridal party and their roles in your wedding

-Start shopping for Wedding and Bridesmaids dresses

-Gather recommendations from friends regarding other vendor such as:
-Stationer/ Printer for invitations

After you have selected and ordered your bridesmaids dresses, consider an accent color, and now you can work out the floral details with your preferred florist.
A “general rule” is that the wedding flowers should be 10-15% of your total budget
We recommend working with a professional florist that can offer design ideas and options to fit your style and personal budget. Professional florists have years of training and will help you to select flowers and decor that perfectly suit your theme.

If wedding flowers are intimidating to you or you don’t know much about flowers, a professional florist can help you design your look from the ground up. As with all vendors that you work with for your wedding a florist’s experience and reputation should put you at ease on your wedding day, so you can enjoy without worry!

We can’t wait to hear from you-

The Wedding Department at Kittelbergers

What the Colors of Roses mean

shutterstock_14492851For many people, Valentine’s Day means giving a gift of roses, plain and simple. However, did you realize that different colors of roses have different meanings? Yes, each rose color has a different purpose. This means you could, in fact, give roses to your mother, childhood friend, wife and boss and it be an appropriate gift for all the above—if you choose carefully. Consider each of these colors and their meanings as you choose your Valentine’s gifts this year.

  • Red – Red means love. While it doesn’t have to stand for passionate love, such as the love between a husband and wife, this is the typical interpretation of this rose color. The traditional “dozen roses” is the gold standard way of showing someone you want them to be your valentine.
  • Pink – Pink roses are a symbol of gratitude and appreciation, admiration and happiness. Giving pink roses could be a great option if you are trying to figure out what to give mom or even a boss.
  • Yellow – Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, joy and caring. Yellow roses may be a good choice for a friend or if you are a little unsure of a relationship—perhaps if you have just started dating someone but don’t feel like you are ready to give red roses.
  • White – White roses are a symbol of loyalty and innocence. They are also a symbol of young love. Generally, these would be given in a devoted relationship—much the same way a red rose would be. White and red roses in a bouquet can be especially beautiful.
  • Purple – Purple roses are the symbol of mysticism and “love at first sight.” These are a great option if you are trying to send a strong symbol that you care for someone and you want to take a relationship to the next level.
  • Orange – Another passionate color, orange roses are very unique. Sending orange roses shows that you are excited and passionate about what the future may hold.

If you are not sure what roses are “just right” for your particular situation, why not talk to an expert? Call or contact us at Kittelbergers. Since 1928, we have been Rochester’s choice for floral excellence. Just remember, the time is right to start thinking about Valentine’s Day—it will be here before you know it!


Red Rose Alternatives on Valentine’s Day

As you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, you might be planning for the traditional bouquet of roses, but saying, “I love you” doesn’t necessarily require the classic red rose. Valentine’s Day flowers can go so much further than roses.

Think About Tulips

Each winter, florists start to feature tulips when the beautiful flowers start coming out of Holland. These cool weather flowers are elegant and graceful and fit for the table of a queen, but they’re also just as beautiful on the entryway table of a homey farmhouse. Tulips inspire joy and happiness, and they’re a marvelous gift on Valentine’s Day.

You can find tulips in absolutely every color of the rainbow, and a vase full of multicolored tulips might have you believing that they’re the most beautiful flower in the world. What better way to surprise your significant other with something unexpected and an amazing vase of colorful tulips?

Upgrade Your Valentine’s with Orchidszoom_KV18130118114511

If roses are the classic flower of Valentine’s Day, orchids might be the best symbol of elegance and luxury. These coveted flowers were once sought by ancient cultures because of a belief in the orchid’s healing powers.

Carefully cultivated by horticulturalists, orchids are a powerful Valentine’s Day gift that places your love and affection on vivid display. Before an orchid is ready to be given as a gift, it’s been lovingly tended and cared for by a cultivator of these special flowers.

Look Beyond Red

Still want to surprise her with roses? You might think about getting creative with color. Is her favorite color yellow? There’s a rose for that. Maybe she loves lavender and pale pink. There are roses for that, too.You can even get roses dyed in a color of your choice, as well as find roses with multicolored blooms that look like they were splattered with a can of paint.

Close your eyes and choose any flower from your imagination. Any bloom is appropriate for Valentine’s Day whether it’s a rose or a potted plant. This February, think about taking her on a date somewhere you’ve never been, and bring some creative, new flowers that she’d never expect.


Design Your Date


You’re a little bit rock-n-roll and they like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, but together you’re a couple who loves a creative date. Or maybe you want to get the attention of a certain special someone this year. Wherever your adventure takes you, no Valentine’s Day story is complete without the perfect flowers.

We can help you get started by planning your dream date for this Valentine’s Day Weekend, and which flowers will be just right, whether you send them early to the office or arrive at the door bearing the most beautiful roses ever.

Play our Design Your Date game, and you might even win $100 for your Valentine’s flowers! Enter your email address, first & last name, and fill in the blanks to create a unique Valentine’s adventure perfect for your date. You’ll be entered to win a $100 Kittelberger gift certificate just in time for Valentine’s Day. Enter as many times as you’d like and share your story on Facebook to earn 10 bonus entries when a friend enters. The winner will be chosen at random on February 12th and notified by email.

Enter our sweepstakes today for your chance to win and start designing your perfect Valentine’s Day Date.

Christmas Flowers in the Home

There is a chill in the air and the groushutterstock_235167862nd may be covered with snow by the time Christmas rolls around a week from today. Leave the cold outside, and embrace the warmth inside your house. We’re not just talking about the temperature of the air inside; we’re talking about atmosphere. Make the holiday memorable for you, your family and guests, while giving yourself a bit of a keepsake in the process.

Kittelberger Florist has a huge selection of Christmas flower arrangements, many of which come in festive containers you can use for years to come.

Floral Christmas Arrangement

Argyle Cheer

Woodland Centerpiece. Who says you can only put a centerpiece on a dining room table? This gorgeous, wintry, festive centerpiece is filled with birch branches towering above everything else, festive berries, pine cones, moss, and plenty of evergreen. White mums add color, and the whole arrangement comes together with a huge, beautiful red bow. Put this on your coffee table, console table, an end table or anywhere else.

Argyle Cheer. Shades of the season are showcased in this beautiful and colorful arrangement. A glass cube is wrapped with festive argyle and filled with fresh flowers and seasonal trim. It is sure to add cheer to any room!

Holiday Joy. Cheerful and bright, this arrangement features bright reds and greens and is accented with a playfully patterned bow. Keep for yourself or give as a gift to a loved one. Either way, it will put a smile on the recipient’s face!

Plant Decorations

Woodland Basket

Woodland Basket. This is a basket full of winter cheer, featuring a combination of winter greens, branches and seasonal trim. This arrangement is a long lasting way to celebrate the season. 

Rosy Greetings. Roses and pine are combined in this festive and vibrant holiday display.   This colorful arrangement will make any room feel like the holidays!

Be sure to check out our complete selection of Christmas flowers, online and in the store. You will find inspiration for decorating every area of your home. We are stocked with indoor and outdoor wreaths, fresh and silk arrangements, and the store is full of gift ideas for anyone on your list. From Alex and Ani bracelets to Vera Bradley, Uno de 50 Jewelry, pottery, clothing, and so much more. 

Always the Perfect Gift

central-square-14112684122-1We’ve all been there, that exciting moment just before opening the gift you’ve been dreaming about from your spouse, significant other, or good friend. Did they remember all the ideas you gave them? Did they pick up on all of those subtle hints you’ve been dropping for months? Holding back your excitement you unwrap the box slowly and… “Wow, it’s really… um… unique. Thanks…” Do they know you at all?


Every year more and more people are a victim of that less-than-perfect holiday gift. Everyone knows what it’s like to open that bizarre gift. This holiday season you have the chance to change all of that and bring thoughtful joy to someone’s holiday with flowers. No more unexcited responses, flowers truly are the perfect gift.


thumbnailWoodland Centerpiece is made of birch, branches, moss and pine cones giving it lots of woodsy flair.  Sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!


Give us your story. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve received? How did you react? Did you pretend to love it or give them a more honest response? Watch our video and share your weirdest gift ever received to be entered in our special holiday sweepstakes for your chance to win a $100 gift card from Kittelberger Florist. Make this year special by giving the perfect gift this holiday season.


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Word To Your Mother; The Caring Contest

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re so anxious to show our appreciation!

We love our mothers, and every mother loves hearing what you love most about them – so we’re introducing the “Word to Your Mother” caring contest!

The contest is extremely simple:

1. Sign up for the contest using your email or Facebook log-in here!

2. Select a word that best describes your mom (one word a day, you can play every day)

3. We choose a new winner every day until Mother’s Day (everyone who signs up gets a winner notification the next day)

4. Winners get emailed a coupon for $5 off their Mother’s Day flowers!


It’s simple to play, it’s fun to share, and it shows your mother you care!


We can’t wait to hear what your “Word to Your Mother” will be!


Sign up here!

Rose Medley– A great choice for Mother’s Day!

Rose Medley

New Beginnings


You could say that Jimmy Catalano became involved in the floral industry completely by accident. Helping his best friend with his new and growing floral shop in 1977 spurred an interest in floral design Jimmy never knew he had.

In January of 1984 a spare bedroom in Jimmy’s home was converted in to a design room and Edgerton Floral Company was born. In May of 1985 a store front on Lake Avenue was rented and Edgerton Floral Company took off. The shop enjoyed 2 other locations before moving to Park Avenue in 1998.

Besides the design aspect, Jimmy found the customer contact and building the business invigorating.

Edgerton Floral Co  enjoyed a 26 year run, but the distractions of the administrative side of the business began to take its toll.

In April of 2010 Jimmy merged Edgerton Floral Co with Kittelberger Florist and Gifts. The move to Kittelbergers ignited the joy of the floral industry Jimmy enjoyed, letting his creativity soar, the initial reason Jimmy found this career so exciting. Jimmy’s abilities seemed to land him in the Wedding and Event Department.. He loves designing the events , and he fell right in to that market from the start at Kittelbergers.

Jimmy will be the first to tell you how grateful he is about this merger and how it has rekindled his love for floral design. We celebrate Jimmy’s 4th Anniversary here at Kittelbergers as well as honor his 30th year designing our client’s life moments.

Jimmy designing