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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on June 15, 2020 | Last Updated: June 16, 2020 Flowers

Great Apps for Identifying Plants and Flowers

Like having a botanist in your pocket, today’s plant and flower identifier apps are sophisticated programs that can quickly identify any plant, tree, vine, cactus, flower, and more with just the snap of a photo. With different features, price points, databases, and ease of use, knowing which one to download can be confusing. That’s why here at Webster’s best flower shop, Kittelberger Florist, we have put together a list of top plant identifiers apps so you can download the one that’s best for you.

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Plant Identification Apps You’ll Want Immediately



This popular app utilizes artificial intelligence to identify flowers and plants you already have on your phone or want to take a picture of. Once you’ve uploaded your image, you will quickly get a result. You may be given several similar choices or a name you’re not familiar with but is still correct. The AI technology used claims a 99% accuracy rate. Plus, this app offers tips for plant care, information on pest control, and troubleshooting plant disease as well. PictureThis is a subscription-based app but offers a free 7-day trial.



Another subscription-based app, FlowerChecker is completely different in how it generates plant identification. Rather than using computer-based intelligence, once a photo of a plant or flower you want identified is uploaded, a team of botanical experts analyzes it and then sends you the results. About half of the IDs are provided within the hour, with others taking several hours. Due to the human involvement element, there is a fee of .99 cents for each correct identification. If a correct ID cannot be provided, you will not be charged. Also, the first three IDs are free.


What’s That Flower? 

A popular app that does not rely on photos for identification, What’s That Flower instead asks you questions about the flower or plant you want identified, such as the color, the region it was spotted, and the number of petals. Then the app offers up several potential candidates that fit your description. With 600+ varieties of flowers, it’s easy, and fun, to lose time looking through all the cool flowers. Each image comes with detailed information about its flower with care tips, too. Free or no-ad premium version available.



This is a free app that instantly identifies plants of all kinds including flowers, succulents, trees, mushrooms, cacti, and more. At the tip of your fingertips is a database with more than 500,000 species and 150 million images. PlantSnap uses AI to identify a flower or plant from a picture of a leaf or part of a plant. Any plant you’ve come across which is not in the database can be added by you, thus aiding the app’s continued “learning.” Data about a plant’s origin, genus, size, fruit, and flowers is easily accessible as well. For fewer ads, a premium paid version is available.

For the Wildflower Lovers…

If you’re a wildflower lover who wishes to be able to identify the many different varieties you see while walking about or hiking on a trail, there is a wildflower identification app for nearly every region of the U.S. Click here to find the wildflower apps for your neck of the woods.