Non-floral delights!

Favorites in Gifts

Non-floral gifts, like gourmet baskets filled with snacks and treats or mouthwatering fruit, make a great gift for that special someone in your life. Send a gift basket anywhere around Webster and Rochester or across the country!

Sending a gift from Kittelberger Florist in Rochester, NY, is like sending a symphony of color and fragrance that serenades the senses. Each arrangement we create is a masterpiece of bloom and texture, designed to capture the essence of your sentiments and the beauty of nature's bounty. Whether it's the joyous burst of a birthday bouquet, the elegant whisper of sympathy lilies, or the romantic redolence of roses for an anniversary, our flowers speak the language of the heart with every petal.

When you choose Kittelberger Florist, you're entrusting us with more than just a floral delivery; you're allowing us to weave a tapestry of emotion for your loved ones. Our dedication to excellence shines through in every stem and leaf's meticulous attention to detail and freshness. We understand that your gift is a bridge between hearts, a means to express what words cannot always convey. From the delicate wrapping to the timely delivery, we handle each step with the utmost care, ensuring that your floral gift is received and truly felt and remembered.

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