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Seven Simple Ways to Achieve Holiday Hygge at Home

If you’re unfamiliar with the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”), then you’re in for a treat! Once you adopt this Danish approach to life, you’ll never go back! Hygge is typically practiced during the long, cold months of winter but can (and should) be practiced all year long.

Cat next to blankets and pitcher of flowers

Unlike trends or certain style aesthetics, hygge focuses on achieving joy from precious moments with friends or alone and getting pleasure from objects and activities that are meaningful and special to you. This philosophy of obtaining happiness from the small things in life is devoutly practiced by the Danes, a culture of people known to be the happiest in the world. The Danes are definitely on to something with hygge, and it would benefit us all to at least give a hearty go, especially during the holidays. Here’s how:

Holiday Hygge Moments to Enjoy at Home



Legs under cozy blanket with cozy dark gray sock with book and cookies on bed

Find Cozy Socks & Fluffy Blankets 

Mindfully pursuing pleasure, contentment, and coziness means getting into your most comfortable lounge clothes, putting on some fluffy socks, and wrapping yourself up in soft, fluffy blankets. Grab a book and a hot cup of tea and you are on your way to experiencing hygge.


charming lit purple candle with lavender surrounding it

Light Sweet Fragrant Candles 

The soft glow of numerous candles flickering about your environment is peaceful, romantic, and lovely. Enjoy the dancing little flames. soothing fragrant aromas, and relaxing atmosphere they provide.


Lots of candles on windowsill

String Holiday Lights 

Similar to candles, holiday lights strung up inside the home provide a quaint, pleasant ambiance – one that is a bit more festive, though. Decorating your home with colorful, sparkling Christmas lights is a great way to experience the cheer of the holidays.


room with Christmas tree, fireplace. Interior eco style. Christmas decorated interior of couch and Christmas tree, modern and cozy. happy new year and merry christmas

Display Minimalistic Holiday Decor 

Clutter is the antithesis to hygge, even if it is holiday clutter. Keep the decor to a minimum by displaying only those pieces which are meaningful to you and tell a story. Another great way to display holiday decor so it doesn’t look chaotic is to put out pieces that all have the same color for a simplistic yet striking minimalistic look.


red roses and pincones in christmas arrangement

Bring Home Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are one of the easiest and best ways to create a “hygge moment.” Just seeing, touching (gently), and smelling the lovely light scent of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers provides calm, soothing sensations as well as joy. Quality flowers from a local florist can last up to 2 to 3 weeks, so it’s easy to keep them around all year.


Play Soft Seasonal Music

Holiday music playing in the background while you go about your daily routine adds a bit of lift and cheer to your tasks. Embrace the holiday spirit and revel in the joy and happiness this season provides with music.


Family of four with 2 young kids watching Christmas movie

Watch Nostalgic Holiday Movies

Another great way to get into the spirit of the holidays and achieve hygge is to spend quality time with your family as you snuggle up close to each other in soft, fluffy blankets and watch a beloved holiday movie. There are plenty to choose from and are guaranteed to make you smile. Enjoy a bowl of popcorn or sip on hot cocoa for a magical hygge experience.


Bed with fluffy blankets and faux fur pillow


As you seek out those moments, activities, and items that bring you pleasure this holiday season, remember to continue to create hygge in your life throughout the year. Hygge is an essential part of maintaining our well-being, something the Danes have known for years. For all of your flower needs, visit Kittelberger Florist for the freshest and highest quality blooms.

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