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How to Get Flowers from Your Special Person “Just Because”

Getting the gift of flowers from your partner is a truly special and uplifting experience. Whether your bouquet features your favorite flowers or blooms with significant symbolism, there are many advantages to having flowers in your life. They have a positive impact on our well-being, serve as a beautiful testament to nature’s artistry, and instantly add refined elegance to any space. The pleasant scent of flowers is known to boost our mood and strengthen our romantic connections.

These are just some of the reasons why some choose to gift floral arrangements on Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re longing for a special delivery of your own “just because” containing a sweet card message, the skilled floral experts at Kittelberger’s Florist in Webster, New York are here to make your floral dreams come true.

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. Your senior cat just celebrated a significant birthday
  2. You are celebrating your half-birthday
  3. You blasted through your goal on your bench press at the gym
  4. Your mortgage approval letter finally arrived
  5. Your weeknight dinners have become seriously gourmet
  6. You went Marie Kondo on the closet and made space for your partner
  7. The baby is nursing regularly thanks to your hard work
  8. You found gainful employment after a period of unemployment
  9. It’s a home date night flowers would really set the mood
  10. It’s the anniversary of the first time you had dinner together
  11. You fought with a friend
  12. You accomplished a health goal after a lot of hard work
  13. It’s your first date anniversary and you want to feel special
  14. You’ve been killing it at the office and got a significant raise
  15. You had a difficult week but made it to the end still smiling
  16. Your doctor sent you fantastic news and you want to celebrate
  17. You rolled up your sleeves and cleaned the family refrigerator
  18. You got the green light to go to the next step of your adoption process
  19. You finally solved a problem that required a ton of troubleshooting
  20. You helped your partner pass a citizenship test that was very challenging

How to Drop Hints

  1. Talk about flowers you read about in a book.
  2. Send your partner pictures of flower arrangements you admire or find beautiful.
  3. Mention that you read an article about the benefits of having flowers in the home.
  4. Keep it straightforward and say, “Having some fresh flowers in the home would be wonderful.” There are 50/50 odds they’ll get the message.
  5. Try once again, making sure they truly comprehend you this time. Hold their gaze, and convey with sincerity, “I appreciate being gifted with surprises and fresh flowers, and it would truly make me happy to receive a bouquet from you on a monthly basis. I’ve taken the initiative to set a notification on your calendar.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. When Lizzo says “I am my own soulmate,” you listen and buy yourself flowers
  2. You knocked a hard test out of the park
  3. You are killing it as a single parent
  4. You took your meds on time every day this month
  5. Your friends are coming for a dinner party, so a centerpiece is needed
  6. You played host to many guests for a week and now your space is your own again
  7. You know you will want color in your space during a rainy week
  8. You got hired for a new gig and want your desk to look posh
  9. You are fresh out of a relationship and deserve to be honored
  10. You got to an important step in your sobriety journey
  11. You finished your projects at work early 
  12. You are practicing hygge and flowers would be perfect for a space
  13. You didn’t let someone cross your boundaries
  14. The Ed Sheeran concert was sold out and your FOMO is hitting
  15. You got a sweet bonus at the office and that calls for flowers
  16. You know fresh flowers would look amazing in the light this time of year
  17. You want to celebrate your me time now that the kids have returned to school
  18. Your spouse didn’t pick up on your hint
  19. After consolidating your student loans, your cashflow has improved
  20. Your pet had a great checkup at the vet

One solitary day in February isn’t the only occasion for you to be pleasantly surprised by a flower arrangement that uplifts your spirits and puts a smile on your face. Our knowledgeable professionals at Kittelberger’s Florist in Webster, New York recognize that; we’re here to share some clever tips to help you enjoy the blooms you love most all year round, simply because.