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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on July 20, 2019 | Last Updated: July 26, 2019 Back to School Flowers Gifts Plants

Unusual Gifts College Students Actually Want

What You Should Send

It’s that time again! College students are heading off to school and parents are preparing to say goodbye to their babies. Those little birds prepare to leave the nest and spread their wings to fly. So, it’s important they know that we are supporting them every step of the way. Send your student a gift that’s both practical and thoughtful. Show them how much they mean to you. With that in mind, the designers at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts have compiled a list of unusual items college students just might want throughout the semester.

Gifts That Show You Care

colorful bloom bunch


College Students Want to Know You’re Still There Let your student know you’re only a phone call away. You’re thinking of them always and are proud of their hard work. Sending a special treat, floral bouquet or long-lasting plant design will go a long way to making them feel loved.



A loosely wrapped Colorful Bloom Bunch is a great way to let your student decide for herself! These individually wrapped pieces, created by our designers, bring a brilliant mix of fresh color straight to your student. Let her choose how to arrange and display them in the dorm or apartment.


Succulent garden in beautiful planter




He’ll love this cool Succulent Garden in a rugged container. Even better, you can trust that he’ll be inspired by this fresh design without worrying about upkeep. Succulents require minimal care and look great for a long time.



Assortment of delicious snacks gift


Keep them motivated with a gourmet Snack Assortment. Featuring sweet and salty snack items, your student will keep working hard with treats like these on hand.

Other Gifts To Send

College Students Want Special Linens They may not tell you this. But, students are going to want a favorite blanket, quilt or pillow from home when they’re sleeping. They don’t get much sleep in college, but what they do get will be meaningful and comforting.

College Students Want a Bike Who wants to pay parking fees, only to spend hours looking for a spot? Instead, gift your student with a bike and let them get to class easily and freely as they navigate campus. They’ll be happy about the extra exercise in between classes as well.

College Students Want Help With Laundry Nobody likes to do laundry, especially college students. But when you make the process easier with laundry accents like reusable dryer balls, a sturdy basket or bag, and stylish hangers, they just might get around to doing it once in a while.

College Students Want a Safe Even the college students won’t be bringing the crown jewels to college with them, they will have personal items that may need to be locked up. Financial records, sensitive documents and even some emergency cash need to be locked away. A sturdy safe that can fit under the bed or in the back of the closet is a great way to do this.


Make sure your student knows how much they mean to you with a positive message and meaningful gift the first week of class. They’ll know that they are loved and missed. Also, they’ll realize that you are thinking about their best interest. For more unusual gift ideas for college students, talk to the designers at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts. We will be happy to help you get creative or send something beautiful to let your student know you’re thinking of them.