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Valentine’s Day Statement Flowers That Men Appreciate Most

On Valentine’s Day, fresh flowers are a time-honored gift choice, and they come with health benefits, too. Scientifically proven to lower stress, heighten empathy, and increase happiness, flowers have a significant impact on well-being and overall sense of life satisfaction. This Valentine’s Day, express your love and make your special someone feel cherished by gifting him a floral arrangement of his favorite blooms. Turn to the talented team at Kittelberger Florist in Webster, New York, to create a bouquet that kindles delight and strengthens your relationship.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are a popular flower for Valentine’s Day arrangements thanks to the many colors that they come in, from bold reds to bright yellows and oranges and beyond. That diversity of hues makes it easy to use color symbolism to send a special message to your partner or opt for his favorite shade. Gerbera daisies also have the unique distinction of being the blooms that scientists utilized in a study about the impact of flowers. It turns out these blossoms can make men better communicators, improving their body language and eye contact — a bonus.


Anthuriums are renowned for their resilience, making them a sturdy selection for floral arrangements. Their ability to stay vibrant symbolizes the enduring nature of your relationship as you continue your journey together as a couple. Anthuriums are also a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day bouquets due to their vivid colors, ranging from bold red to pale white and pretty pink, which are classic hues for this romantic occasion. Coupled with their elegant heart shape, anthuriums unmistakably convey the message, “I love you.”

Birds of Paradise

If you want to add an element that honors his appreciation for adventure to your partner’s Valentine’s Day bouquet, the bird of paradise is an excellent flower to feature. These blooms are somewhat unconventional, but their joyful energy will surely resonate with him, especially if he’s prone to thinking outside of the box. Bird of paradise is also a tropical flower, and that exotic element appeals to many men, as does the orange, yellow, and purple color palette. In a nutshell, it’s impossible not to appreciate these wild blooms that bring warmth and happiness to floral designs.

Red Roses

Red roses are a classic and meaningful choice for flower arrangements because they have long symbolized romantic love. They’re a heartfelt way to convey your passion your husband or boyfriend and how much you value your unique relationship. Red roses also communicate sincere appreciation and deep respect, emphasizing how much you love having your significant other on your team. To make the gift unique to your bond, let each rose represent how many years you’ve been in love, or how long you’ve been married.


Orchids are known for having a calming effect, especially white orchids, but the diversity of these blooms extends far beyond one color and message. There are thousands of varieties of these tropical flowers, meaning they differ in color, pattern, size, and shape. You can stick to one type of orchid in a floral arrangement or mix and match; either way, you can customize a special message via color and flower symbolism. In your partner’s Valentine’s Day arrangement, we recommend red orchids as they convey romance and passion, but all orchids are beautiful and make a meaningful impact.

Flowers are a thoughtful gift for men on Valentine’s Day, enhancing their well-being and conveying your love. They let him know you value him and want him to feel special on the year’s most romantic day. Let the flower gurus at Kittelberger Florist design an arrangement that checks all his boxes.

60% of men would love to receive a bouquet of blooms