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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on February 25, 2014 Gifts Uncategorized

Tips to care for a fresh flower arrangement

Flowers are one of life’s simple pleasures that bring beauty and joy into your home and your everyday routine.

Here are some answers to a commonly asked question,  what’s the best way to care for a bouquet to keep fresh flowers fresh and long lasting?  Here are a few tips to help you get the most enjoyment from your gift of flowers.

Keep the vase full of fresh water.  We add a floral preservative to all our bouquets so just add water to bring the level to the top of the vase. If the water gets cloudy, as naturally occurs with some flower stems; just replace all the water with fresh, room temperature, water from the tap.

Display the arrangement away from direct sunlight and drafty places.  Flowers will last best at cooler temperatures. Try to place them away from appliances that produce heat.

If a flower droops prematurely try to give a fresh cut with a knife, sharp scissors or garden shears and place back into the water.

If it’s really wilted try to submerge it  in the sink after the fresh cut and leave it covered with water for a half hour and then replace in vase.

As individuals flowers wilt, remove them from the arrangement, since each type of flower varies in longevity.

With these tips you can extend the lifespan of your arrangement,  most flower bouquets should provide 7 days of enjoyment.

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