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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on January 27, 2021 Flowers Gifts Valentine's Day

10 At Home Date-Night Activities for Valentine’s Day

Instead of waiting in long lines and battling a crowded restaurant only to receive a rushed and mediocre dinner experience, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? Not only is safer, but it’s way more relaxing, enjoyable, and intimate. Plus, since Valentine’s Day is no longer about couples only, this Day of Love can be celebrated with friends, family, and anybody else you’re close with, which opens up possibilities on ways to celebrate it. Here at Kittelberger Florist, Webster’s top flower shop, we love this time of year and have put together a list of our favorite top 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.

Flirty & Fun At-Home Date Ideas

middle ages couple watch movie on couch

Watch a Romantic Movie

There’s nothing like watching two people who are perfect for each other battle through all sorts of challenges and finally end up together. Whether you choose to watch a cheesy and predictable rom-com, or a sweeping and dramatic love story, it’s satisfying seeing people fall in love and live happily ever after, and can reinforce the loving bond you have with your special someone.

Game Night!

Either a sexy game of poker between just the two of you or a fun, family game that gets everyone involved and having a good time, board games, or video games are fun ways to strengthen the bonds of love.

Young Couple Cooking Dinner in kitchen

Cook a Romantic Dinner Together

Why go out to a crowded, expensive restaurant when you can cook up a gourmet meal at home just the way you like it? Plan a special romantic dinner that each of you help prepare. Cooking together is fun, creative, and flirty – a great way to start the evening. Questioning your cooking skills? Check out the below tip.

Young Couple Dancing in their living room ballroom style

Take an Online Class Together

With sites like and YouTube, it is easy to learn how to master a particular skill, such as cooking or dancing. Take an online video cooking class together from Gordon Ramsay or another famous chef on Or for something with a little more cardio, take an online dance class and improve your ballroom or hip-hop moves. Learning something new together creates a stronger bond to each other.

assortment of beautiful flowers with red pinks oragnes and greens

Luxury Flower Arrangment

Full vase of romantic flower with peach roses purple cala lillies pink mums and white orchids

Romantic Medley

Set the Mood

Make Valentine’s Day stand out from other days by setting a romantic mood around the house. The best way to do this is by ordering beautiful bouquets of flowers, lighting scented candles, play romantic music, decorate with hearts, and have the best Valentine’s Day ever at home.

Couple Sitting Around a Fire outside in cold weather

Get Cozy by the Fire

Enjoy the chilly February nights by bundling up next to a fire pit outside or get cozy under a blanket inside by the fireplace. You could make smores, enjoy the quiet mesmerizing fire, or talk the night away like you used to when you just starting dating.

Couple in front of a computer writing in a notebook

Create a Bucket List Together

Have your partner create a list of everything they want to see or do in their lifetime and you do the same. Include the whole family in this activity and you’ll be sure to discover something new about them.

Handmade Valentine's Day card with two pink birds

Make Cards

Save yourself $3-$6 dollars on a mass-produced card and create your own instead. Use glitter, paint, markers, sticker, stamps, colored pencils… etc., and design your own heart-felt Valentine’s day car from the heart. This is a fun activity for couples or the whole family and you’ll end with keepsake cards you won’t want to throw away.

Spread the Love

Woman smiling at her bouquet of red roses

Send or Give Flowers

Show the special people in your life how much they mean to you by giving them gorgeous seasonal flowers for Valentine’s Day. Whether it is your sister, a far-away friend, co-worker, grandmother, or neighbor, spread the love by sending flowers and brighten someone’s day.

Someone giving someone else a pink rose

Pay It Forward

Pick up someone’s coffee or lunch tab, write a glowing review of a local shop you like to visit, or get some fresh flowers and pass them out to random people and watch their faces light up. Spreading the love to others helps the love in yourself grow as well.

Woman reading book in tub

Love Yourself

So you’re alone on Valentine’s Day – celebrate yourself! Do something special specifically for you like having a spa day at home, reading a new book, or watching a favorite show that perhaps your ex didn’t like and treat yourself to foods and drinks you enjoy, too!

Celebrating this day of love, whether by yourself, with friends and family, or just your one and only is a great way to keep in perspective what’s important in our lives. For flowers and more check out our selection of gifts and seasonal flowers. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!