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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on March 6, 2020 | Last Updated: March 12, 2020 Flowers

These Flowers Perfectly Match the Famous Ladies who Love Them

Rochester’s best florist, Kittelberger Florist & Gifts, is recognizing Women’s History Month by mentioning someone who has made a significant impact on the success of our business. We also thought it would be fun to look at the favorite flowers of some of the world’s most famous women.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we thought you might like to know about a woman who exemplifies the example of hard work and perseverance. Hilda (Fuchs) Horeth from Kittelberger Florist and Gifts is one of those women.

As a young girl growing up in rural Webster, she learned at a young age, what dedication to a small business was. Her parents, Willy and Pauline, who immigrated from Germany, were trying to start up a small flower shop.  As their business grew, she, along with her husband, joined them to help further its progress.

Through the years of raising five children and working endless hours, her vision began taking shape. She always believed you must give your customers the best product available, have the friendliest customer service and make sure they are happy with their interaction with the store. Throughout the years, that same philosophy still is the backbone of the business.

After 91 consecutive years and four generations of the family, the store is still thriving. She believed that creating a brand (before branding was so important!) was absolutely necessary. Now at 85, she can look at her hard work with pride, knowing that she helped create a business her family and employees can be proud.


Lady Bird Johnson – Lavender Bluebell

Lady Bird Johnson was a devoted and smart female that had a desire for flowers. This particular desire eventually led to the passing of the Highway Beautification Act in 1965 – a task she spearheaded during the tenure of her in the White House as First Lady. She also went on the set the National Wildflower Research Center in Austin, Texas. Lady Bird thought flowers – and the beauty of theirs – might better the psychological health of a society. The lavender bluebell wildflower was Lady Bird Johnson’s preferred floral. A lovely floral with petals create the form of a bell; the bluebell symbolizes humility, gratitude, and devotion.

Michelle Obama – Hydrangeas and Pink Roses

Michelle Obama’s favorite flowers are roses and hydrangeas. The pink rose, in particular, is the color she prefers. Pink roses symbolize refinement, femininity, sweetness, and gratitude – traits the former First Lady certainly has. Michelle also loves hydrangeas, which are flowering shrubs with beautiful, large heads of petals that come in colors ranging from blue, pink, green, purple, and white. Hydrangea flowers represent heartfelt emotions, gratitude, and understanding.

Think spring- lilacs, hydrangea, stock, spray roses and more are included in this beautiful vase arrangement.

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