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Have Guests Visiting? Spruce Up Your Home with These Welcoming Plants & Blooms

Welcoming a new neighbor or house guest is a special occasion that calls for special preparation. While you are thinking of what you can tell them about to best introduce them to the area, it is also nice to think of which flowers are the best gift to symbolize welcome, hospitality, and friendship. Elegant plants or beautiful flowers make excellent housewarming gifts, as well as excellent pieces to decorate your own home as you welcome a guest. Kittelberger Florist is here to offer a variety of ideas for welcoming a new neighbor or guest.

Welcome Them with Botanicals


Did you know Eucalyptus has multiple uses? Eucalyptus is not only a trendy and inviting houseplant but its scent is also known to be relaxing and reinvigorating. This wonderful plant is also known for its symbolism of protection, strength, and abundance.


The beautiful purple coloring of lavender is a welcoming sight when coming home from a long day. This relaxing plant is a perfect housewarming gift because of its symbolism of tranquility, serenity, and purity.

Money Tree

Visitors and friends alike would enjoy the welcoming feeling and the peace and harmony that comes with a MoneyTree. As the name suggests, Money Trees symbolize luck, prosperity, and good fortune and are believed to enhance your future. This makes money trees a kind gift to anyone you wish good fortune for. 

Bonsai Tree

Also considered symbols of good luck, Bonsai trees have much in common with a Money Tree. Bonsai trees, like Money Trees, are also calming and inviting plants. One of the great things about bonsai trees is their elegance. Caring for these living works of art is delicate yet calming work. The beauty and calmness of the Bonsai tree can be seen in its symbolism of peace, harmony, and happiness.


Anthuriums have long been symbols of welcome, which make them great gifts for neighbors or friends that have moved in nearby. These tropical plants have bloomed into the shape of an open heart which represents a desire to warmly welcome friends or neighbors into your home or community.


Tulips are a favorite of many during the springtime and are used for various occasions. However, if you are planning on using tulips as a housewarming gift or decoration for visitors, it’s nice to know the symbolism behind the vibrant colors of this famed flower. For example, pink tulips represent a form of non-romantic love, while yellow tulips represent friendship, good luck, and prosperity.


Similar to Tulips vibrant colors of Chrysanthemums petals have strong symbolism. All Chrysanthemums generally represent optimism, friendship, and joy; however, specific petal colors like green are symbols of health and good fortune, while yellow Chrysanthemums are said to bring happiness and celebration for strong friendships. This additional symbolism adds deeper meaning to an already beautiful flower that is sure to bring warmth to any room.


The Wisteria is a majestic vine with small enchanting purple or blue flowers that symbolize welcome. Wisteria’s symbolism of welcome makes it a perfect plant to grow by your front door to welcome guests and visitors to your home. Its symbolism also makes it a great housewarming gift for a new neighbor.

While cleaning up for a guest or preparing to welcome a neighbor, you may find that your work is unfinished without the warm feeling of a glorious plant or vibrant flowers from Kittelberger Florist. Our symbolic blooms are perfect for conveying sentiment and helping to make your community feel warm and welcoming.