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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on December 3, 2018 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Christmas Holidays

Craft The Perfect Holiday

The holidays are an inherently creative time. We’re in the kitchen making all manner of goodies, whipping up everything from major meals to Chex mix to fudge. We’re dressing our tables, mantels and living spaces in garlands, wreaths and other holiday decor, hanging mistletoe and setting up the Christmas village in its usual spot. This season is a mix of our favorite customs and rituals as well as what we create anew each time. As creative types ourselves, Kittelberger Florist & Gifts loves the idea of families gathering together to home-make their holidays.

In that spirit, we’re offering up a little inspo in the form of a piece we made and giving you a little DIY fun that you can have on your own. Our Winter Wishes centerpieces is a good example of the kind of distinct artistry the holidays bring about. The materials used here–magnolia leaves, lotus pod, succulent, even feathers–make for a design of unorthodox beauty. This modern piece feels fresh, easy and definitely not overdone. The colors are nearly neutral as it becomes all about the textures and the earthy elements.

With a piece like this at the center of your dining table, you can easily provide some DIY decor that complements this look.

  1. Make fragrant pomanders, hanging them or otherwise displaying them in your dining or kitchen space.
  2. Create lovely ornaments that are filled with just a sprig or two of greenery.
  3. Use pine or eucalyptus as the “bow” on your gifts this year, tucking them into place using rustic twine.
  4. Make your own kissing ball out of mistletoe or other greens (or felt!).

Enjoy crafting your holidays this year. The results are sure to be dazzling.