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Celebrate Fall With Festive Mums

The fall months are a beautiful time for festive holiday designs, and nothing cultivates a beautiful fall holiday display better than chrysanthemums. Full of life and color, these amazing blooms showcase the autumn season for which they’re known beautifully. Mums are available in a plethora of varieties, including spiky spider mums and soft, round pompons. Choose your favorite variety in a color that matches your home’s decor, or your fall display, for a fresh autumn look all your own. Mums are also great to send to friends and family throughout the Rochester area as a festive, warm welcome to the fall season. Take a look at the many varieties and colors the floral designers at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts are featuring for fall.

Fall Cylinder

Viking Mums

The vibrant, yellow Viking Mum is a spray flower that comes from the Pompom family. Bright yellow petals flare out from a darker center similar to the sunflower. Adding a pop of color and great texture, this bud livens up any bouquet, as seen in our Fall Cylinder Bouquet.

Harvest Basket

Daisy Mums

One of the most popular varieties of chrysanthemums, daisy mums are a sweet flower full of cheerful greetings. Typically found in yellow or white varieties (which we carry in the fall months), these blooms are smaller than the standard variety, and typically feature a flat center disk of yellow, brown or green. Our Harvest Basket includes yellow daisy mums that add a sweet accent to a bright fall menagerie of autumn blooms.

Decorating With Mums

Because of the color combinations and textures available, chrysanthemums are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Mums can make an excellent ground cover, creating a vibrant, colorful carpet for any area of your lawn. For Halloween decorating, why not try using pumpkin shells as planters for your mums? Placed on a porch or near the door, fall mums welcome guests to your home. For the inside areas of your home, a simple display that works well is to place a few chrysanthemum blooms in a glass jar and place around the room.

Add a festive touch to your fall decor with gorgeous mums in any style or color that suits you. Match your home’s decor, your office’s fall design, or send favorites to a special friend to welcome the season. However you choose to celebrate fall, be sure to include chrysanthemums in the mix! Talk to the floral experts at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts for more great ways to feature mums in your fall decorating.