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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on May 28, 2018 Flowers Uncategorized

Sweet Flowers For Your Bestie

Grab your besties and get ready to spend the day celebrating each other—June 8 is National Best Friend’s Day. Kittelberger Florist sees this as a unique opportunity to fete your friends with flowers, which speak a rich language all their own. Beautiful and symbolic, flowers have the capacity to convey a lot about the nature of our feelings to the recipient. When the relationship we’re honoring is as meaningful as a best friendship, there’s nothing better than flowers for speaking directly to what’s in our hearts.

Yellow roses have long been associated with platonic love. The color symbolizes friendship, fondness, affection and loyalty (bonus points for also being vibrant and uplifting). OurĀ Sweet Sensation has that fresh-picked feel, with roses that look as ripe as fruit, offering a rich yellow and orange palette. Protea and lilies add texture and interest to this lovely piece, which is brought together in a mercury compote vase. A gorgeous, perfectly-scaled design, this piece will fit right in on your bestie’s desk, dresser or nightstand.

Offer your favorite friend fresh blossoms that capture the essence of your friendship and remind her how precious she is to you.