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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on April 10, 2024 Father's Day Gifts Holidays

Last-Minute Finds for the Father Figures You Love

We’ve all been there: Life gets wild, and suddenly, Father’s Day is here, and you’re like, “Oops, I forgot to gift shop.” But no worries! We know you legit appreciate all of your father figures and want an authentic way to show it. It might be your pops, or maybe your uncle, your grandpa, or the honorary dad who’s been there for you through thick and thin. We have the fix for your last-minute gift panic at Kittelberger Florist, the go-to spot in Webster, New York for all things floral. We live for this stuff, so let us work our magic. Get ready to win the favorite child award!

Outdoorsy Dad: A Touch of Nature

If your father figure’s idea of paradise involves the sun on his shoulders and the sound of birds chirping, a living plant is no doubt the perfect present! It’s a constant reminder of his favorite outdoor escapes, whether it’s the garden, the woods, or a sunny park bench. Not to mention, it’ll freshen up his workspace and give him an extra boost of green energy when he needs it the most. Does it get any more wholesome?

Baseball Dad: Team Spirit in Bloom

Slide into Father’s Day by sending your dad, the ultimate baseball stan, a bouquet that’s as full of team spirit as the most hardcore fans. Choosing blossoms in the colors of his top team? That’s what we call a strategic play! This thoughtful, customized take on flowers is the perfect pitch to celebrate his special day and say, “I love you, Dad,” in a standout way. And for the grand slam, include tickets to a game and watch him cheer like never before.

Pet Dad: Celebrate the Furry Family Member

Big ups to the pet dads celebrating Father’s Day with their furry kids! No human offspring? No problem. These guys pour their hearts into pet parenting, showing so much love and dedication. Treat these devoted cat dads and dog fathers to something they’ll straight-up love, such as a pet portrait perfectly capturing their fur baby’s energy. Or, swing by our gift shop for goodies, from delicious treats to elegant candles. After all, who’s to say pets can’t appreciate bougie things?

Motorcycle Dad: An Adventure Off the Beaten Path

If riding motorcycles down a long, open road is your dad’s version of the perfect day, present him with an unusual but legit fun experience – a class in floral design! This unexpected experience gift is a wholesome way to bond over learning something new and artistic, leaving you both with unforgettable memories. It might even remind him of his adventures on the road, cruising by trees, flowers, and plants. He’ll love telling his pals about it, too!

Coffee Dad: The Ultimate Brew Basket

If your dad’s coffee routine is nothing short of a ritual, where only freshly ground beans make the cut and a French press is the only acceptable flex (no shade, it’s all love), then a curated gift basket of the most bougie local coffees would high-key hit the right note. It’s definitely extra, but it also shows your dad you see him, saying, “I know what you’re into, and I respect it.”

We believe it’s never too late for the perfect gift at Kittelberger Florist. Our selection of Father’s Day surprises ensures your dad won’t guess it was a last-minute find. Share what gives him life with us, and we’ll handle the rest.

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