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Send Love to Your Best Friends with Bright Gifts

When we were young, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with family and friends by exchanging sweet treats and clever messages scribbled on paper hearts. And as a kid, nothing beat the excitement of receiving a treasured valentine with a lollipop taped to the envelope! As we get older, sharing the love and appreciation we have for the people in our life can be done in a more refined way. Oftentimes, a bouquet of red roses comes to mind when looking for the ideal way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day.” However, gifting a dozen red roses to someone who isn’t your special love could feel slightly uncomfortable or potentially send the wrong message to the recipient. Here at Kittelberger Florist, the top flower shop in the Greater Rochester area, our floral experts are sharing captivating blooms that will emote cheer, kindness, and admiration for every kind of friend this Valentine’s Day.

How to Select a Cheery Valentine’s Day Treat

Gift Ideas for Your BFF

On a day that is about celebrating love, don’t forget to tell your bestie just how much you love them! A romantic design of red roses might feel a bit over the top for your best friend. Whereas a thoughtful bouquet of yellow roses to represent joy and trust, alstroemeria to signify friendship, or pink hydrangeas that symbolizes sincerity and gratitude will help share just how you feel about them.

Gift Ideas for the Gals

Now don’t forget about the girls this Valentine’s season! Whether you’re gathering your favorite women for a sentimental spa day or joining them for a heartwarming Valentine’s Day night out, we have a blossom to show them just how much you cherish them. Picking a bouquet with pretty pink petals will highlight femininity elegantly and gracefully. Or consider blue blooms to emulate peace and harmony. This way, if you’re joining your gal pals for a lively and vibrant Galentine’s Day brunch or simply sending admiration from afar, you can share exactly how important they are to you.

Gift Ideas for Men

Surprise your favorite dudes with an unexpected flower bouquet delivery and make it a Valentine’s Day to remember! Receiving brilliant, booming, hardy, and colorful blossoms like carnations, gerbera daisies, lilies, and iris are sure to be cherished by the men in your life. Or consider a tropical or blooming plant, like birds of paradise, bromeliads, peace lilies, succulents, and orchids, if you find it hard to pick an eye-catching floral bouquet for your guy.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Looking to celebrate an aspirational couple reaffirming your faith in everlasting love or even honor your own dynamic duo? Schedule a swoon-worthy delivery of red and white roses and lilies! And, of course, amp up your floral surprise with a Cupid-approved addition that is sure to melt hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

An excellent neighbor can truly elevate your everyday life! From joyful exchanges at the mailbox to the handy next-door neighbor who doesn’t mind lending you an occasional helping hand, these relationships can be some of the most valuable in our lives. That’s why we urge you not to overlook your neighbors on Valentine’s Day! Send happiness, joy, thoughtfulness, grace, and appreciation in the form of their favorite peach or pink floral to show your genuine gratitude for their thoughtfulness, assistance, and friendship.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Bring joy into the workplace this Valentine’s Day with blooming plants and flowers that increase productivity and foster success and excitement. With a never-ending list from hibiscus, gerbera daisies, and lilies to birds of paradise and orange orchids, your options are limitless. After all, you spend a considerable amount of time with your office pals talking about life, sharing experiences, creating bonds, and working, which fosters everlasting friendships.

From lavish and exclusive to traditional and simple, florals are the perfect sentiment to commemorate any occasion. Use the language of flowers to help convey your shining adoration and complete the gift with an ardent love note. Discover top-tier, mesmerizing, and heartwarming flower designs to celebrate Valentine’s Day from Kittelberger Florist in the Greater Rochester area.