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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on February 5, 2015 | Last Updated: June 22, 2021 Valentine's Day

Red Rose Alternatives on Valentine’s Day

As you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, you might be planning for the traditional bouquet of roses, but saying, “I love you” doesn’t necessarily require the classic red rose. Valentine’s Day flowers can go so much further than roses.

Think About Tulips

Each winter, florists start to feature tulips when the beautiful flowers start coming out of Holland. These cool weather flowers are elegant and graceful and fit for the table of a queen, but they’re also just as beautiful on the entryway table of a homey farmhouse. Tulips inspire joy and happiness, and they’re a marvelous gift on Valentine’s Day.

You can find tulips in absolutely every color of the rainbow, and a vase full of multicolored tulips might have you believing that they’re the most beautiful flower in the world. What better way to surprise your significant other with something unexpected and an amazing vase of colorful tulips?


Upgrade Your Valentine’s with Orchids

If roses are the classic flower of Valentine’s Day, orchids might be the best symbol of elegance and luxury. These coveted flowers were once sought by ancient cultures because of a belief in the orchid’s healing powers.

Carefully cultivated by horticulturalists, orchids are a powerful Valentine’s Day gift that places your love and affection on vivid display. Before an orchid is ready to be given as a gift, it’s been lovingly tended and cared for by a cultivator of these special flowers.

Look Beyond Red

Still want to surprise her with roses? You might think about getting creative with color. Is her favorite color yellow? There’s a rose for that. Maybe she loves lavender and pale pink. There are roses for that, too.You can even get roses dyed in a color of your choice, as well as find roses with multicolored blooms that look like they were splattered with a can of paint.

Close your eyes and choose any flower from your imagination. Any bloom is appropriate for Valentine’s Day whether it’s a rose or a potted plant. This February, think about taking her on a date somewhere you’ve never been, and bring some creative, new flowers that she’d never expect.