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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on September 10, 2018 Plants

Pretty Plants For Self Care Awareness Month

That’s right, self care has an entire month devoted to it, and that month is September. How fortunate that we find ourselves here, poised on the edge of fall, at a time when the powers-that-be have decided we should all just take a moment to attend to ourselves. Here at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts, we can think of no better way to prep for fall’s dazzling entrance at the end of the month, with the holidays just behind, than to give ourselves a little attention. Yes to self care!

Plants are good for us, we know this. They oxygenate the air, remove it of toxins, humidify, cleanse and in general provide a lightness of spirit (see numerous studies on the detoxifying and de-stressing effects of plants).  A Succulent Garden packs all the plant punch you need into one stylish, rustic dish. A mix of succulents create an eye-catching garden here, all of them grounded by rocks.

This pretty bowl of succulents will do all of the things that other plants do, providing you with those healthy benefits. And they’re an easy add to your nightstand, dresser, desk or counter. This is also a hardy plant, designed to last all the way through the season and beyond. We suggest that succulents (or any other plant) are an easy way to create a sense of well-being in your space, which in turn impacts how you feel. And tending to something has been proven to relax us and give us a sense of purpose. It’s self care in one garden.