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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on May 14, 2018 | Last Updated: June 22, 2021 Holidays Memorial Day

Perfect Memorial Day Flowers

The flowers we bring to the table or to an event on Memorial Day have a lot of work to do. They must capture the spirit of the occasion—no easy feat. On May 28th, we remember those troops who died in service to country. We come together at commemorative parades and celebrations, we visit grave sites, we recall the legacy of our loved ones for the children who never met them. But Memorial Day is also thought of as that moment when we are on the cusp of summer. We look forward to the three-day weekend, planning dinners, barbecues and outdoor parties that will connect us with the people in our lives now. So, the flowers we set out or offer on such a day have to both reflect a sense of poignancy and speak to a spirit of festivity and family. Luckily, Kittelberger Florist is well-versed in the language of flowers.

Decorate with or give a floral design that lends a note of grace as much as it signals that a more spirited gathering is taking place. We love our┬áPeachy Perfection for a task like this. Both a beautiful tribute and a fitting festive display, the roses, hyacinth, berries and succulents gathered here speak to the season, too. This isn’t too formal or informal either, walking that fine line.

Flowers for your Memorial Day table help give the day a sense of occasion and definition. They speak to the poignant moment at hand and also to the hopeful one embodied by friends and family enjoying the day together.