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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on April 16, 2018 Earth Day

The Perfect Earth Day Flowers

Earth Day is orbiting back around again this April 22, and our community is offering dozens and dozens of ways to participate, from expos designed for the kids to green projects, parades and runs. No doubt many of us will find our way to recycling drives and clean-ups, too, and if we’re truly lucky, we’ll be outside in nature, celebrating our great planet with friends and family. Indeed, we’ll be joined by millions of other celebrants worldwide. Earth Day is a truly global event. Kittelberger Florist & Gifts looks forward to any day that promotes environmental awareness and reminds us to be good stewards of our beautiful planet.

There’s no better way to honor the Earth than to bring as much of it as we can right into our homes in the form of flowers and plants. They connect us to nature and remind us of our planet’s abundant natural resources and riches. A design that captures the colors and textures of the globe is hard to beat, as our Rhapsody In Blue proves. 

This centerpiece-ready design has all the blues and greens showcased on our planet, with rich brown leaves thrown in. It’s the perfect tribute to our planet and its infinite variety, and makes a wonderful item to have on the table if you’re doing a garden-fresh dinner.