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Five Occasions When You Should Book a Holiday Floral Design Class

When crafting your holiday shopping list for your loved ones this year, ditch physical gifts that often collect dust. Instead, embrace the trend of gifting treasured experiences over material possessions; the jolly season has great moments to make this shift. Floral design classes are the perfect present for family, coworkers, and friends, elevating the true spirit of giving. Discover the art of crafting beautiful arrangements together, strengthening your bonds, and nurturing creativity and togetherness. Kittelberger’s Florist, the premier shop in Webster, New York, has terrific ideas to help you create unforgettable memories this season through the happiness of shared experiences.

After the Thanksgiving Feast

After the turkey has been devoured and the apple pie is all gone, the Christmas season officially kicks off. Before everyone returns to work and school on Monday, organize an activity that everyone will look forward to. A flower arranging workshop is one of the top experience gifts to surprise your family. Instead of shopping for more stuff on Black Friday, why not connect and do something together as a team? Design charming floral arrangements to add jolly energy to your spaces, all while sharing your favorite family stories, laughing until it hurts, and building cherished memories. When it’s time to say goodbye on Sunday evening, you’ll have a festive flower arrangement to lift your spirits after Thanksgiving break ends.

Before the Family Comes Over for Christmas Dinner

If you want to get your holiday centerpieces in order or create a thoughtful present for your holiday meal hosts, think about signing up for a floral arranging workshop. Pick out a design featuring fresh ivory blooms and striking red accents, along with traditional seasonal elements. Instead of conventional paper crowns, consider putting together flower crowns for a green twist on British tradition. Whether you like going alone or prefer to attend with friends, it’s the perfect opportunity to unwind before everyone arrives and fills the home with chatter. Simply follow the florist’s instructions, and you’ll find it’s a soothing way to check one more item off your list.

When You’re Ready for a New Kwanzaa Tradition

Participating as a team in a floral design class is a wholesome and enjoyable gift experience for adults and children. It brings everyone in the family together with unity, purpose, and creativity at the front of the mind, which aligns with the core principles of Kwanzaa. Mark the occasion by making displays of flowers to adorn the kinara in the holiday’s signature shades: red, green, and black. Enhance the tableau with fruits and vegetables that are of symbolic importance on the holiday, such as white and yellow ears of corn and bright, round apples. Additionally, you can come together to design flower garlands for window frames and mantels, centerpieces for tables, and tall arrangements to place near the front entrance.

When Your Friends Want to Celebrate Together

With the holidays come a lineup of parties, from corporate events to soirees with friends. Whether it’s a seasonal corporate gifting experience or a laid-back get-together, a floral design workshop can inject a fresh vibe into your celebration and leave you with a lovely keepsake. If you’re the usual host, keep the tradition alive with a twist: invite your favorite neighborhood florist to conduct a workshop. Surrounded by holiday goodies, fizzy drinks, and festive decorations, you can work together on a group project, like designing a garland, or each guest can fashion their individual holiday arrangement.

When You’re Out of Gift Ideas for Mom

When your mother or someone else on your gift list is notoriously hard to shop for during the holiday season, why not treat them to an experience gift and create holiday memories together? A flower design workshop presents the ideal opportunity for them to flex their creativity muscles during the aptly called limbo week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s. They can enjoy laughing and being surrounded by loved ones who have come home for the winter holidays. Take the experience to the next level by including their preferred beverage on the menu, whether it’s a dry pinot grigio, a bubbly champagne, or sophisticated mocktails with floral touches.

At Kittelberger’s Florist, we understand the enchantment of flowers and their ability to create beautiful moments. This holiday season, let that magic bloom in your celebrations by giving your dear ones the gift of a floral design class.

5 Occasions for a floral design class