Generosity in Bloom

Favorites in Generosity in Bloom

Each month, our featured arrangement in our "Generosity in Bloom" Program will benefit a different local non-profit organization in Rochester, NY. 

Kittelbergers will donate 20% of the proceeds to this deserving organization.

To suggest a deserving organization for a future month, please email

We at Kittelberger Florist are proud to present our Generosity in Bloom Program, an initiative that truly blossoms from the heart. It's a unique way for you to infuse your floral gifts with an extra layer of meaning, transforming your thoughtfulness into support for the community. Each month, we feature a beautiful, custom-designed floral arrangement that captures the spirit of the season and gives back a portion of the proceeds to a local non-profit organization in Rochester, NY. Choosing a gift from our Generosity in Bloom collection isn't just about the exquisite flowers that will adorn your loved one's space; it's about the positive impact each bloom represents. When you select from this special collection, you're not only gifting a visual feast of floral splendor, but you're also making a smart move by contributing to the welfare and enrichment of our local community. It's a double delight—beauty in form and generosity in action. By opting for these gifts, you are part of a compassionate chain of giving that benefits not just the recipient but also the fabric of our society. It's gifting with purpose and love entwined.




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