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The Best Mother’s Day Flowers to Match Your Mom’s Personality

Naturally, Mother’s Day is the ideal occasion to celebrate the influential and nurturing women in our lives. This year, show them how much they mean to you with flowers that are one-of-a-kind beauties, just like they are. Each mom that’s made an impact on your life deserves a personalized bouquet to celebrate her individuality. That’s why the experts here at Kittelberger Florist — the best florist in the Rochester, New York region — have thoughtfully paired the finest flowers available with the moms who stand out the most.

The Workout Mom

The workout mom is by definition strong and energetic. She is always active, and never skips a workout no matter how tired she may be. This makes her the perfect recipient of vivacious lilies. Orange blooms in particular represent courage, pride, and confidence, all characteristics your workout mother possesses. Or you can spring for yellow lilies, which symbolize health and happiness. Regardless of color, lilies are a fun and bright way to celebrate the mom who works hard to stay healthy — and to always be there, setting an excellent example for her children and family.

The PTA Mom

The PTA mom is a true superhero, always ready to lend a helping hand and generously giving of herself to benefit others. Whether it’s volunteering at school events or supporting her community, she embodies the spirit of selflessness and compassion. And what better way to honor her remarkable spirit than with a stunning bouquet of colorful tulips? These beautiful blooms symbolize the charity and generosity that your PTA mom exemplifies, making them the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

The New Mom

Being a new mom is an extremely demanding challenge. Simultaneously, it’s the epitome of what it means to have undying love for and devotion to someone. As for a Mother’s Day gift for the new mom, carnations are the perfect flower, symbolizing her love for her kids. Along with baby’s breath for a soft and sweet touch, these blossoms will be a beautiful reminder of the unique bond that she and her child share. These blooms will also let her know that the sleepless nights and long, arduous days are worth it.

The Coffee Mom

Everyone knows that someone who always has a cup of coffee in her hand. If that someone happens to be your mom, then you know than spray roses are an apt choice for her when Mother’s Day rolls around. They exude a coffeeshop-like vibe thanks to their pastel tones and small yet whimsical shape. They also bring a fresh energy and comfort into any home — a trait that will make your coffee mom’s day, just like her cup of joe does each morning..

The Plant Mom

Plant moms are always in tune with nature and of course, have a green thumb that’s borderline magical. They are the masters of their garden and interior plants alike, and would no doubt appreciate an arrangement containing azaleas. Why? Because of its abundant blossoms, vivid colors, and unmistakable shapes. These traits make azaleas stand out among even the most extensive collection of houseplants. Azaleas also have deep symbolic meaning; they represent femininity, beauty, and gentleness — the perfect combination for your plant mom.

Whatever type of mom yours may be, there is most certainly a cute, charming, and enchanting flower to pay homage to her. Celebrate her compassion, devotion, support, and endless outpouring of love this Mothers Day with some brilliant blooms from Kittelberger Florist.