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Why we are thankful for you

Here at Kittelbergers we are thankful year round for many things. The bounty of fresh flowers and plants that we see every day is one example. You might think that being around flowers all the time we might get used to such things, but in the back room we are always in awe of the varieties of fresh, unique products that arrive. So although we see so many beautiful varieties of flowers daily, a seasonal favorite, or a particularly beautiful specimen  still makes our day.  Recently we came across a video that helped to remind us how lucky we are. This video provides a perspective on how to live life with appreciation and gratitude. Not simply for flowers and nature, but for the people we encounter every day. Somehow, watching this one video can change how happy you are with your entire week. See what you think after watching this Upworthy Video (Our thanks to Upworthy for sharing things that matter in a positive way)



We are thankful for the creativity all around us. The store is looking beautiful right now, Holiday decorations are plentiful! The center of the store has been transformed with the installation of an upside down Christmas tree. Although hanging fir trees upside down has been done since the middle ages, our current display is a showstopper.  Special thanks to Barney, one of our display and merchandising specialists.



This tree is a beautiful centerpiece for our store that is currently brimming with holiday decorations, gifts and our gorgeous Evergreen Wreaths, that are handmade and decorated in our store. Dozens of Christmas trees are up, decorated with unique ornaments. One particular section of the store is dedicated to an organization that we are particularly thankful for, Marbles 4 MS. Marbles For MS was the idea of  5-year old Connor Grossman. Connor  came up with an idea to raise money to help his mother who suffers from the debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis. Connor wanted to sell his artwork to help find a cure to fix his mom and everyone with MS. . Since 2011 Connor and Jackson have raised over $50,000. We are proud to offer these special ornaments, card and candles for such a worthy cause.   We support many causes through our Helping Hands program. Read more about how you can do good things as you are shopping on our website.


We wanted to communicate that we have much to be thankful for, and our customers are certainly at the top of our list. So, with thanks and appreciation we are honored to have been named the 2013 Rochester’s Choice Florist by the readers of Democrat and Chronicle.  It is an award that we are thrilled to have won for the past seven years and are thankful for this prestigious honor.  Rochester is an awesome place to call home.