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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on February 16, 2024 Flowers Gifts

Making International Women’s Day Memorable: Celebration Ideas

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women, first and foremost, but it can mean different things for everyone. Whether you’re showering your BFFs with love, doing outreach locally, or working on yourself, March 8th is your day to celebrate your way. So, if something sparks joy, follow your heart. At Kittelberger’s Florist in Webster, New York, we believe in the power of flowers to honor IWD; it’s a legit way to thank the women and allies who understood the assignment. Bouquets bring good feelings – warmth, inspiration, and positivity – and can be as diverse as you want them to be. We love that.

Organize a Fundraiser

Here’s the 411 on hosting a fundraiser for International Women’s Day: It’s a chance to make a real difference in your community and host a fun event at the same time. Choose a charity that you stan, whether it’s all about fighting for equal pay, improving women’s health, or supporting girls in STEM education. Rally your squad and go all in for a cause 100 percent worthy of the support. And for that extra touch of magic, add fresh flower arrangements to the venue to get the vibe just right. You got this!

International Women’s Day is the ideal time to throw an epic gathering. Whether you make it fancy or keep it casual, a party is where everyone can turn up. It’s all about soaking up good energy, having fun, and showing love for all the incredible BFFs in your life who are killing it. Put on good music, serve yummy snacks, and give your space a glow-up with fresh, blooming flowers. Parties are also a great place to meet new people. Whether you’re connecting personally or professionally, everyone will have a blast.

Gather For a Meaningful Meal

Round up your BFFs for a fancy brunch, lunch, or dinner for International Women’s Day, and celebrate all the fantastic things you’ve achieved together. Indulge in some eats, sip on mocktails or cocktails, and enjoy the vibe as you show love for sisterhood and solidarity. Give the table added elegance with fresh blooms to elevate the ambiance. Visit a local restaurant helmed by women and allies for your IWD meal; we are here for giving our money to female-run businesses on this day!

Set Personal Goals

International Women’s Day has us pumped to manifest our goals and create the future we dream about. Mapping out our ambitions sketches a solid plan for the way forward, guiding us toward our best life. Bonus: Your dedication to absolutely crushing those goals can inspire ambition in other people, too, like your peers, your pals, and girls who are just starting to come into their own. Personal goals can also include treating yourself to a bougie bouquet of blossoms, a flex we’re all about.

Send Flowers

Hype your heroes on International Women’s Day with a bouquet of fresh flowers; it’s all about sharing that good energy far and wide. Flowers also double as a way to say, “You’re killing it,” to those who inspire you daily. Whether it’s a gift to your family members because they deserve it, a shout-out to your BFFs for always having your back, or a nod to your allies who always understand the assignment, flowers are the best flex on IWD. And, fresh blooms lift our spirits and do wonders for our health, which is the vibe we need RN.

Here at Kittelberger’s Florist, we’re huge fans of celebrating International Women’s Day as it’s an opportunity to make a difference. Whether raising funds like a boss, preaching facts, or sending flowers to your friends, embracing the day’s mission is as important as the ladies who always take the W.

Honor International Women's Day