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Kittelberger Florist

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New Beginnings


You could say that Jimmy Catalano became involved in the floral industry completely by accident. Helping his best friend with his new and growing floral shop in 1977 spurred an interest in floral design Jimmy never knew he had.

In January of 1984 a spare bedroom in Jimmy’s home was converted in to a design room and Edgerton Floral Company was born. In May of 1985 a store front on Lake Avenue was rented and Edgerton Floral Company took off. The shop enjoyed 2 other locations before moving to Park Avenue in 1998.

Besides the design aspect, Jimmy found the customer contact and building the business invigorating.

Edgerton Floral Co  enjoyed a 26 year run, but the distractions of the administrative side of the business began to take its toll.

In April of 2010 Jimmy merged Edgerton Floral Co with Kittelberger Florist and Gifts. The move to Kittelbergers ignited the joy of the floral industry Jimmy enjoyed, letting his creativity soar, the initial reason Jimmy found this career so exciting. Jimmy’s abilities seemed to land him in the Wedding and Event Department.. He loves designing the events , and he fell right in to that market from the start at Kittelbergers.

Jimmy will be the first to tell you how grateful he is about this merger and how it has rekindled his love for floral design. We celebrate Jimmy’s 4th Anniversary here at Kittelbergers as well as honor his 30th year designing our client’s life moments.

Jimmy designing