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A Love Story We Witness Every Day

If you’ve stopped into Kittelbergers in the past 35 years it’s likely that you have interacted with one of the (many) couples whose love has endured, grown,  and even blossomed (ha ha) here, Bill and Diane. As Valentine’s Day approaches and we are taking special care to help people express their feelings to the people they love, we got to thinking about an example of enduring love that we witness every day.

Bill Diane- wedding

The young couple after their wedding ceremony












Bill and DIane were high school sweethearts, married, and made a home in the Village of Webster in 1978. They have been working side by side at Kittelbergers ever since. Even the proposal took place within the Kittelberger building.

Playing the Newlywed Game

Playing the Newlywed Game- don’t miss Bill’s reaction in the center photo

At a recent holiday party a “Newlywed Game” was organized. While many great couples participated, it was Bill and Diane who truly knew each other best. They won the game with their knowledge of numerous details about each other.  While entertaining to the rest of us, this showed that one of the secrets to wedded bliss is truly knowing the other person.

When Bill and Diane stared dating in high school, who knew that they would be parents to four children, and grandparents to five (so far)?  After looking back at Bill and Diane’s relationship we are also able to look forward, when we see the family that has grown and surrounded them as they planted the solid roots of their family tree.


Bill, Diane and family













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