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Kittelberger Florist

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About Kittelberger Florist

At Kittelberger Florist, we compete strongly with the finest designers, retailers and service providers around the world in the areas of design, service and presentation. We strive to provide our customers with the highest standard of quality in product, design, service and presentation while never forgetting value.

owners-bigFamily owned and operated since 1928, the 4th and 5th generations are proudly following their family’s footsteps. Starting with a very small store at the end of one greenhouse attached to the family home, our family was literally raised in the business with each generation learning from the previous one. We have expanded the building many times to our current over 22,000 square foot facility.

Located just outside of Rochester, NY, Kittelberger Florist has grown to be recognized as an industry leader and has been awarded a top 50 florist in the USA for the past 2 years in a row. This award is one of the most prestigious in the industry with over 22,000 florists competing for the honor. Locally, Kittelberger Florist has been awarded #1 florist in Rochester by The Democrat and Chronicle Choice Awards for the last five years.

We believe in exceeding customer expectations. We custom select flower shops in cities across the country with the highest qualification and capabilities to satisfy the most discriminating customer. Most florists we affiliate with have been personally selected to serve on our “Preferred Florist” list that we refer to when sending orders that are not in our delivery area. You can rest assured when you place an order with Kittelberger Florist, our satisfaction guarantee is always included.

Once you place your first order with Kittelberger Florist, we maintain any special information and all addresses of your recipients for your future use.