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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on August 27, 2018 Flowers Summer Summer

How Flowers Become Traditions

As a family-run business now in its third and fourth generations, Kittelberger Florist has a strong appreciation for tradition. September 9 is Grandparents Day, and one of the best ways to honor our cherished elders is to maintain the customs and rituals they passed down to us. Flower work is filled with gift exchange traditions, and flowers are great way to connect our youngest generations with our oldest ones.

On what occasions do you present a beautifully-wrapped bouquet to someone? We can think of many. As a hostess gift, upon the arrival of a new baby, as a way of thanking someone who got you through a rough time. There is the traditional romantic bouquet you present to your sweetie, and the congratulatory one you offer to your scholar. And then there is the one that you give for no particular reason at all, or the one you give that sparks a tradition all your own. Our Colorful Bloom Bunch lends itself to so many flower giving occasions, with its crop of bright, popular flowers and lush greens.

We see this piece as a perfect blend of traditional and modern floral styles, a classic array of blooms presented in a fresh, vibrant way.