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Posted by kittelbergerflorist on May 21, 2018 Summer

Early Summer In A Vase

There are more reasons to love summer than we here at Kittelberger Florist & Gifts can count, and near the top of the list is the flowers and plants it gives us. “A veritable rainbow” comes to mind. We’re looking ahead to the enticing blooms of late spring and early summer, leaving behind the Easter-pastel palette of March and April in favor of bolder, jazzier colors and wilder, more lush designs. Summer’s crop promises to be fragrant, boldly-colored and shaped and just perfect for placing on both the patio table or the dining one.

The best way to give you a preview into what early summer has to offer flower-wise is just to show you. Our Bunches of Blooms should do the trick. Here there’s the orange zing of roses, crimson Gerbera and that voluptuous burst of lily. Spring’s hydrangeas are mingled in here, too, giving this a bit of a soft effect even as it clamors for attention. 

This is, essentially, early summer in a vase. As we look ahead to cook-outs, pool time and long, lazy days, let us not forget that our flowers are going to be just as festive and fun, too.