Permanent Jewelry

We offer a custom-fit 14kt gold-filled or sterling silver chain, welded around the wrist, ankle, or neck. Several chain designs are available with the option to add a charm of your choosing.

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At Kittelberger Florist in Rochester, NY, we're excited to offer a shimmering selection of custom permanent jewelry, a trend capturing the hearts of those who cherish enduring elegance. This personalized jewelry transcends the fleeting trends of fashion, providing a unique, soldered piece meant to be worn indefinitely. Whether it's a bracelet, anklet, or necklace, each piece is tailored to fit perfectly, creating a seamless accessory that becomes a part of your daily life.

Our array of chains, from the subtle glint of delicate links to the bold statement of chunkier designs, ensures something for every taste and style. These pieces are an everlasting emblem of personal expression with options in gleaming gold or sleek silver. They are not merely ornaments; they are a constant, chic companion that moves with you through the ebbs and flows of life.   Choosing a piece of permanent jewelry from Kittelberger Florist is not just about adornment; it's about marking a moment, sealing a promise, or simply celebrating the joy of the now with something that lasts. It’s a modern take on commitment—a commitment to oneself, a loved one, or the memory of a special moment in time. These custom pieces are gifts that don't wait for an occasion; they are the occasion, forever remembered on the canvas of the skin.

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