All About Orchids

Alluring, captivating, and surrounded by an air of mystique as this once rare and exotic flower was highly sought after and coveted throughout history, the orchid remains a majestic flower full of grandeur and mystery. A luxurious "living" gift rooted in rich symbolism and meaning, orchids are an excellent choice for any occasion.

A branch of blooming pink orchids in the wild

Orchidaceae (the Orchid Family)

Orchids are part of a diverse family of botanical flowering plants with thousands of species and varieties. They are one of the oldest flowering plants and are found all over the world. All orchids have three petals, three sepals (which often look like petals), and a column. They also have a protruding lip (labellum) which acts as a landing pad for pollinating insects. The unique symmetrical nature of an orchid's blossom makes it easily distinguishable from other flowering plants. (Each flower can be divided in half to make two equal parts.)

Popular Varieties

Close-up photograph of cymbidium orchids


Cymbidium orchids are identified by their tall spikes that produce up to 35 beautiful blooms in a variety of colors such as yellow, burgundy, green, purple, red, and pink. This genus has slightly smaller petals than others but more than makes up for it with an abundance of blossoms and elegant, long thin leaves that provide a striking cascade effect.

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Close-up photograph of phalaenopsis orchids


Also known as the "Moth orchid" due to its wing-like petals, Phalaenopsis orchids have large, lush blossoms that come in an array of lovely colors such as light pink, blue, deep purple, yellow, and white. A gorgeous addition to any room, this resilient orchid is easy to grow at home and produces stunning, large blooms that last a long time.

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Close-up photograph of dendrobium orchids


With numerous flowers blooming on each stem, Dendrobium orchids are widely beloved for their ornamental quality. Some species have flowers that bloom along the entire stem, while others are more top-heavy with all the blossoms gathered near the top. Producing impressive big blooms in a variety of shapes and colors, these decorative beauties require only minimal maintenance.

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Close-up photograph of oncidium orchids


Oncidium orchids are one of the most diverse orchid types growing in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. One of their more popular blooms is referred to as a "dancing lady" based on its shape and comes in bright yellow and gold colors. Oncidiums are characterized by their long, graceful branches packed with numerous delightful blossoms that have wavy petals.

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Orchid Flower Meaning & Symbolism

It's no wonder a flower with perfect symmetry and an elegant sculptural beauty would be imbued with a variety of culturally significant meanings. Traditionally, orchids are associated with fertility, love, elegance, and luxury.

Fertility & Abundance

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, orchids have been associated with fertility due to the orchid's tubers which resemble male anatomy. This association remains today, making orchids a perfect gift for newlyweds or a new mom.

Good Fortune & Wealth

The Chinese believed orchids bring good luck and used them in festivals to ward off evil spirits. For the Japanese, orchids were associated with power and wealth, and having several in your home became a status symbol for upper social classes.

Love, Affection, & Luxury

During the Victorian era, orchids were associated with elegance and spiritual perfection and were given to women as a symbol of love and affection. They also represented luxury and opulence and it was expensive to ship and own orchids at this time.

Orchid Color Symbolism

Besides the orchid's general symbolism, they also carry meanings based on their color, which has its own symbolic significance.

Photograph of white orchids

White Orchids

Symbolize innocence, grace, and purity.

Photograph of pink orchids

Pink Orchids

Symbolize femininity, love, and joyfulness.

Photograph of red orchids

Red Orchids

Symbolize passion, love, and courage.

Photograph of yellow orchids

Yellow Orchids

Symbolize optimism, friendship, and new beginnings.

Photograph of lavender orchids

Lavender Orchids

Symbolize feminine beauty, elegance, and sophistication.

Photograph of purple orchids

Purple Orchids

Symbolize royalty, wealth, and admiration.

Photograph of orange orchids

Orange Orchids

Symbolize creativity, confidence, success, and positivity.

Photograph of blue orchids

Blue Orchids

Symbolize rarity, spirituality, and mindfulness.

Photograph of green orchids

Green Orchids

Symbolize good fortune, health, harmony, and longevity.

A cluster of white orchids in sharp contrast against a navy blue wall

Orchid Occasions

There is an orchid for every occasion. With a great variety of styles and colors, show your loved ones how thoughtful and insightful you are by selecting the right orchid for the right occasion. From wedding gift to birthday gift, Mother's Day, anniversaries, congratulations, or just because, a magnificent and elegant orchid hits the mark every time.